KOK Market

The KOK Market is the first feature of the KOK Layer-2 protocol,

which is a AI-Driven NFT-Marketplace with KOK Coin

KOK Market NFT App

The market is under development and is currently in demonstration mode

Launch Demo

The better NFT marketplace

KOK Market is the next generation NFT-marketplace to facilitate working with NFTs, it helps one-click change the usual content to blockchain-content

Blockchain efficiency solution

KOK Layer-2 protocol is a blockchain supplement to reduce the load on the core network and increase speed of transactions while reducing network fees

Demo is available now

KOK NFT Market App

KOK Market App are coming soon...

  • Instant Cash-in and Cash-out
  • Cashback rewards
  • Multichain native support
  • Referral Affiliate system
  • In-app Membership Subscription

KOK Market Blockchain AI

Part of all the KOK Market Platform income will be redistributed among those who take part in the KOK Ecosystem

KOK Market AI automatically calculates the most reasonable increase and passively rewards KOK coins

KOK NFT Exchange Feature will be available to purchase as your license to use the application

People can one-click purchase virtual worldwide network locations to display their work at the KOK NFT AR/VR-exhibition App

KOK Market is the project with the vision of creating a fully decentralized NFT marketplace for global network with an intuitive app interface to create and share NFTs, earn and have fun

KOK app Google Play
KOK AppStore app
Coming soon...

New Payment Solution

New Payment Solution

With high-level security measures

Decentralized application for staking and building KOK, accepting major cryptocurrencies.

Make smarter, faster decisions

Make smarter, faster decisions

Faster results with Blockchain AI

Grow your business at any stage, get insights at a glance and quickly drill down when needed.

Superior Rewards Ecosystem

Superior Rewards Ecosystem

The path to true financial freedom

Our Reward systems offer our Community the most aggressive payouts.

Integrated Low-Fee Marketplace

Integrated Low-Fee Marketplace

Saving each transaction gas fees

KOK Swap Exchange that helps save gas fees and allows composability of KOK coins across different chains.

KOK Coin Sale Stages

Presale Stage 3 is open now on Bounce Finance Platform

Pre Launch Private Sale

Whitelisted Only

Pre Sale Stage 1

1 Dec 2021 - 31 Jan 2022
  • Price: $1.93 USD
  • Status: Finished

Pre Sale Stage 2

1 Feb 2022 - 31 May 2022
  • Price: $3.15 USD
  • Status: Finished

Pre Sale Stage 3

1 Jun 2022 - 31 Oct 2022

Get enrolled into lucky draw when you meet the min. deposit $300 before Oct. 31, 2022

*For a one-time purchase only

Deposit Bonus Winners
1000 KOK 1
500 KOK 5
250 KOK 25
100 KOK 50

Affiliate program

If someone deposit KOK through your affiliate link, 20% from the amount of the deposit will appear as KOK Coin KOK Bonus on your account

To get an Affiliate link, contact us via Telegram or E-mail

One-Time Purchase Bonus

KOK Bonus feature are given away upon reaching a purchasing threshold

More than 300 USD +3% KOK Bonus
More than 1500 USD +5% KOK Bonus
More than 10 000 USD +12% KOK Bonus

Weekly Holders x2 Giveaway

By holding KOK you have a chance to Double your KOK Coin KOK Wallet Balance

*You may win more than once, Giveaway takes place every week

How to buy

Buy now KOK for Binance Coin Binance CoinBNB on Bounce Bounce Finance Platform Platform

Presale Stage 3: price fixed at $5.80

  • If you're a first time crypto investor and have a questions

  • or
  • If you want to deposit KOK for Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Tether USDT or other cryptocurrencies

get help on Telegram Support or contact us via E-mail

You can participate in the Presale only for BNB Binance Coin

To participate in other currencies send a message to our Telegram or Email

1. Create wallet MetaMaskMetaMask Wallet or TrustWalletTrust Wallet

Download wallet app using a desktop or iOS/Android app

2. Send BNB Binance Coin to your MetaMask wallet

You can transfer BNB from exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Crypto.com, KuCoin, Poloniex, Bithumb, HitBTC

3. Connect your wallet to Bounce Finance Bounce Finance

Access your wallet to KOK Presale Pool on Bounce Finance by clicking ‘Connect wallet’ and selecting MetaMask

4. Deposit BNB for KOK Coin KOK Coin

Enter the amount of BNB in ‘Your Bid Amount‘ for which you want to buy KOK, then press ‘Place a Bid’


This timeline showcasing our development goals, submissions and future plans

    • - Announces Presale
    • - Instagram promotions
    • - Tiktok promotions
    • - Facebook promotions
    • - Google Ads promotions

    Q4 2021

    • - KOK Coin Holders Giveaway
    • - Influencer Marketing Campaign
    • - Sweepstakes Launch
    • - Additional AMAs
    • - AR/VR-technology Development

    Q1 2022

    • - Blockchain Play-to-Earn App Introduction
    • - Collaborations with influencers
    • - Staking Pool Established
    • - Design Browser Extension Wallet

    Q2 2022

    • - Special Marketing to KOK Coin Holders
    • - Partnerships and Co-Branding with retail chains
    • - Worldwide Billboard Promotions
    • - NFT-drop events and contests
    • - Building global KOK Ecosystem


Token Distribution

KOK Coin KOK Coin is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain with a total limited supply of 1 000 000 000 000 KOK
  • 30% Marketing Reward
  • 30% BP Reward
  • 10% Marketing
  • 10% User Reward
  • 20% KOK Platform

Trusted Partners

Binance Wallet
Trust Wallet

KOK Metaverse is coming

The first testing of AR/VR technology in development

NFT-video is no longer just on the internet. The future is near